I've made it my life's mission to release this old heart of mine....and share what I find along the way.

I've been at it , hammer and tong, in a full time fashion for about 14 years now. That includes the obligatory temple stays and forest dwelling in Thailand. 

I look after the EU side of things for my teacher, Adam Mizner - Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts - teaching workshops and running camps etc - both Meditation and Taiji. Along side Dissolve Therapy and Bone Setting. Fun Times!


How did I get to this point? Well, I did it the old school way, as a live in student, for years. You know the drill - up at 5am and training most of the day, most days.

Have I reached the end? No chance! Still training like mad..until I kick the bucket I expect.

Anyway, I hope to see you around!

Take care!


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